Even the Women

The mothers in my neighborhood threw a party for the distinctive feature of the male anatomy, one of them even baked a cake in its shape and invited my wife over to see it. My wife politely declined, but the incident reminded us that we're living in an increasingly pornographic world.

Sexual sin is always wrong, but it's particularly troubling when middle-aged women start behaving like junior high boys. Perhaps because sex and pregnancy are particularly personal for women, they have traditionally provided our last line of defense against sexual deviancy. When "even the women" (Romans 1:26) lose all sense of sexual propriety, what hope is there for our men?

We live in an age of pornography. Not long ago, someone who wanted to ogle naked bodies had to make an effort to leave their home and go to the seedy part of town. Now we stumble across pornography while surfing the Web or on television. And few people seem to mind. Some of us remember not being allowed to attend the movie theater because it was "worldly." We scoffed at such legalism, but now the pendulum has swung in the other direction. Most of us are free to go to movies, and there is almost nothing we won't watch. Consider the gratuitous nudity and simulated sex you have seen on television or in a theater, and you'll know what I mean.

God commands us to "give honor to marriage" (Hebrews 13:4). It's hard to do that when we lust after bodies that do not belong to our spouse or use vulgar terms or throw parties that demean the bodies God has given us. God is against porn because He is for sex within the sacred estate of marriage. Don't cheapen His beautiful gift with coarse talk or promiscuity. , Mike Wittmer

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