Psalms 33:1
The Lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole human race (v.13).

Last summer, 33 miners in Chile became trapped when
the copper mine they were working in was rocked by
a landslide. Entombed 700 meters (2,300 feet) below
ground, the miners faced many weeks of mental and
physical stress prior to their rescue. One man, however,
experienced heightened anxiety when he learned that his
wife and his mistress had met at a vigil being held for the
miners. He was trapped in more ways than one.
Whoa! Talk about “your sin will find you out”
(Numbers 32:23).

One thing that can provide great comfort to us is the
fact that God is omniscient—He’s all-knowing. The psalmist
wrote, “The Lord looks down from heaven and sees the
whole human race” (Psalm 33:13). From miners cloaked
in darkness to you and me basking in the brightness of a
sunny day, God sees us all. He knows “everything [we] do”
(139:3). So the fact that He knows every move we make
can also be highly convicting. Especially if we’re foolishly
trying to hide our sin from Him.

Our holy God is omniscient. As He sits on His throne
(33:14) and views us, nothing is hidden from His
loving, piercing eyes. “You spread out our sins before
You—our secret sins—and You see them all” declared
Moses (90:8). Although you and I might attempt to
conceal our wayward ways from our Creator and
Sustainer, it’s impossible.

In fact, the psalmist reveals that God knows our innermost thoughts and
desires: “[God] made [our] hearts, so He understands everything [we] do”
(33:15). He knows our hearts and what’s lurking within.

With that said, how are you trapped today? Does sin have you skittering for
cover from God’s gaze? It’s time to repent and step into the light of His awesome,
all-knowing presence. —Tom Felten

As you read Proverbs 15:3, consider God’s omniscience and how
it both comforts and convicts you.

How have you recently been trapped by a sin? How does the fact that
God is all-knowing affect the way you live?