What I Need

Genesis 21:8-20
Seek the kingdom of God above all else,
and live righteously, and He will give you
everything you need (Matthew 6:33).


Diane was devastated. Despite her husband’s absence for nearly half their 8-year marriage, she
had faithfully supported him in his military career. Then, abruptly, he announced that he was leaving her and
their children for another woman. Now she sat in a clinic awaiting test results that would let her know if he had left her with any “parting gifts”—STDs.

An elderly woman seated across from Diane noticed her telltale red eyes. “Are you all right?” she gently inquired. With nothing to lose, the younger woman decided to
share her plight. As providence would have it, this woman had also been divorced after 8 years of marriage—
more than 5 decades earlier! And she, like Diane, was a follower of Jesus. She knew exactly what this young
mother was going through. As her new friend quietly prayed for her in the waiting room, Diane knew that
somehow God would bring her and her children through this difficult season. It was enough grace for the moment, at just the right moment.

In Genesis, we read of another woman who knew rejection and abandonment. Hagar, a servant to Sarah,
had been sent into the arid wilderness by her owner (Genesis 21:8-14). Having run out of water, she put her
son in the shade some distance away so she wouldn’t have to watch him die (v.16). But the angel of the Lord met her there and provided for their needs.

In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, He spoke of meeting our basic physical needs (Matthew 6:25-33). But He also provides what we need for the vast array of experiences that life throws at us. For some of our biggest needs are emotional.

Life is hard. But we have Someone who knows what we’re going through. He will never abandon us. He’s within reach of our next heartfelt prayer. —Tim Gustafson

What does Matthew 6:25-33 tell us about
how God provides for us? What does Romans
3:23-26 tell us that God did to meet our
biggest need?

What are your needs? How are these distinct
from your wants? How are the things that you
want pleasing or not pleasing to God?

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