Winning Over Worry

Matthew 6:25-33
Seek the kingdom of
God above all else, and
live righteously, and He
will give you everything
you need (v.33).

In the last year, my family has had much to worry
about. My wife wasn’t called back to her full-time
teaching position (we counted on her income to
help cover household expenses), my son was having
recurring chest pain that we thought was due to an
enlarged heart, our insurance was running out and an
alternative plan was going to be more than we could
afford, and—if that wasn’t enough—I changed jobs. At
some point these concerns turned into worry and we let
them consume us. We desperately needed the wisdom
Jesus spoke of in Matthew 6.

That section begins with Him commanding His
followers to stop worrying and scurrying in different
directions (v.25). He went on to give His followers four
reasons why they shouldn’t worry:
Life is more than food, drink, and clothing (v.25). Jesus
understood that these are necessities in life, but they
aren’t the most important things in life.

God cares for His children (v.26). If He feeds the birds
and clothes the flowers with beautiful color, how much
more does God care for those created in His image?
Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything (v.27). Jesus
said that worrying doesn’t add anything useful to the
worrier’s day; it’s actually a life-draining endeavor.
Worrying is godless (v.32). Those who don’t know
God depend on material possessions, and they allow
things to rule their lives. Jesus wants His disciples to live with the assurance that
His heavenly Father is in complete control.

Let’s focus on what God cares about, and then He will take care of what we
worry about (v.33). This means pursuing His rule and supremacy in our lives
with all we have. When we do that, He will take care of our needs.
—Marvin Williams

• Philippians 4:6-8
• 1 Peter 5:7
What worries or anxieties
do you need to cast on
God? How can you turn
your worry into a prayer
request today?