Read:  1 Corinthians 10-13

"And God is faithful. He will keep the temptation from becoming so strong that you can't stand up against it."


There is something about faithfulness that rocks us to our core. We all want it, and in fact we all need it, and I believe we all long for it. I love to watch inspiring movies. You know, those types when someone believes in something so much that they are will to go whatever mile it will take to get what they are after. Like “Rudy,” the little football player that loves Notre Dame football so much that he gives his all for it. And you love him for it as well. Or the “Kite Runner,” about a boy named Amir and his best friend Hassan. It isn’t Amir who we love it is Hassan, his father’s servant’s child whose faithful friendship inspires our hearts to hope. Or “Dead Poets Society,” where John Keating (Robin Williams) takes a group of young boys at an all boys prep school and teaches them to love poetry and inspires their minds to think. His passion and faithfulness to these boys shows us the power that one’s life can have on another. This might be one of my favorite movies ever.


You don’t really ever hear about a movie about a guy that never shows up, has no passion, and just doesn’t care about anything. I mean, there is probably one out there, but why would you want to watch that? It really isn’t very appealing, at least not to me. I want to read and watch stories about people with passion and dreams, conquering and overcoming real life stuff. I want to know it can be done. I want to dream and hope there are good people around us. I want to believe that I can become a better human being, that my story can be inspiring for others, as others have inspired mine.


I think faithfulness hits us so hard because it is the core of who God is. It is the Good News! God is faithful even when we are not, and for me and my life that has been at many times. That is why it is great, and why it is “good news”. We don’t deserve it and we never will, it is just given!

-Shawn McDonald


Faithful by Shawn McDonald