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  • Above All - The Passion00:06:08
    Above All - The Passion Have made a new version with better timing:

    revivalministriesaustralia 2010-10-02T01:14:515,392 views
  • The Essence of Grace (My Testimony)00:12:29
    The Essence of Grace (My Testimony) Here is a quick message I gave to Center Grove High School's FCA meeting in Indianapolis. It is m...bball1989 2011-10-31T18:25:415,126 views
  • Steve Fitzhugh Reciting FCA's Competitors Creed00:02:19
    Steve Fitzhugh Reciting FCA's Competitors Creed Steve Fitzhugh Reciting FCA's Competitors Creed at the 2008 Western Nebraska FCA Spring Banquetwestnefca 2010-10-02T02:52:334,074 views
  • FCA Ole' Miss Promo Video00:11:33
    FCA Ole' Miss Promo Video Ole Miss Promo Videojengstrom 2010-10-02T02:15:313,746 views
  • Austin FCA Banquet-Drew Sanders Testimony00:12:55
    Austin FCA Banquet-Drew Sanders Testimony Head Coach Drew Sanders talking about the impact of FCA on one of the roughest schools in Austin,...chris87 2008-03-17T04:00:003,704 views
  • One of the Greatest Wedding Proposals of All Time!00:09:54
    One of the Greatest Wedding Proposals of All Time! The planning and execution of one of the most classic wedding proposals of all time. Shot on loca...ourgodisforus 2010-10-02T05:59:283,558 views
  • Sarah Whitmore's testimony00:02:52
    Sarah Whitmore's testimony At this summer's FCA Motocross Camp, Sarah Whitmore describes her life with Godcorkmxky 2010-10-02T05:17:173,461 views
  • Pat Abendroth Fields of Faith00:29:56
    Pat Abendroth Fields of Faith Pastor Pat Abendroth speaks in Kearney, NE, at FCA Fields of Faith.doingsportsgodsway 2010-10-02T03:34:193,412 views
  • Duke Martin00:03:56
    Duke Martin At FCA MX Camp in June 09, Duke tells how he came to know Jesus.corkmxky 2010-10-02T05:13:023,197 views
  • Green Bay Packers Coach - Bob Sanders00:02:18
    Green Bay Packers Coach - Bob Sanders This is a video of Green Bay Packers Defensive coach Bob Sanders at an FCA luncheon. This is an i...sportsfaith 2010-10-02T03:23:453,161 views
  • "Freedom is Here" FCA-Kansas00:04:37
    "Freedom is Here" FCA-Kansas When you combine God and Sports, some amazing things can happen. Every spring the Fellowship of C...5ivestonescreative-owner-opjcm 2010-10-02T03:53:373,115 views
  • FCA North Central Oklahoma Banquet Video00:09:13
    FCA North Central Oklahoma Banquet Video Oklahoma State University (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) FCA Banuqet video. A video to promot...bubbaosu82 2008-03-17T04:00:003,026 views
  • Steve Fitzhugh - 2008 Banquet Pt. 100:25:10
    Steve Fitzhugh - 2008 Banquet Pt. 1 Former Denver Bronco and Current National Spokesperson for FCA's Drug and Alcohol Free Ministry &...westnefca 2010-10-02T02:56:263,011 views
  • 2007 FCA Mississippi Game Ready Promo Video00:15:44
    2007 FCA Mississippi Game Ready Promo Video 2007 Game Ready Camp Promo Videojengstrom 2010-10-02T02:17:443,003 views
  • Oklahoma FCA  Xtreme Camp00:02:53
    Oklahoma FCA Xtreme Camp This is a Promo Video for Oklahoma FCA's Xtreme Campfcacoach23 2008-03-17T04:00:002,918 views
  • Husker Tour - Sidney Pt.100:14:10
    Husker Tour - Sidney Pt.1 Nebraska Cornhusker Football players Roy Helu Jr., Marcus Mendoza, Prince Amukamara, and Will Hen...westnefca 2010-10-02T04:22:292,823 views

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