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Laying Down Our Lives
What sometimes holds you back from laying down your life for others?

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God Has a Plan for Your Life



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  • Indescribable - Chris Tomlin
    Indescribable - Chris TomlinIndescribable by Chris Tomlinjkstar092008-03-17T00:00:00382,637 views00:03:57
  • Steve Harvey introduces Jesus Christ
    Steve Harvey introduces Jesus ChristAn introduction worth watching and sharing as well.beverlybmusic2008-03-17T00:00:00538,849 views00:03:22
  • My Redeemer Lives - Team Hoyt
    My Redeemer Lives - Team HoytIncredible video about the relationship between a father and son.... and God's relationship with us.sand2rock952008-03-17T00:00:0016,225,966 views00:04:36
  • Carol of the Fryers
    Carol of the Fryersslideshow i made to the Carol of the Fryers songpryncyss2008-03-17T00:00:0012,732 views00:02:26
  • Superchick - We live
    Superchick - We liveVideo promocional desde el álbum Beauty From Pain lanzado al mercado en 2005 por Inpop Records.enlacemusical2008-03-17T00:00:007,210 views00:03:20
  • John Piper and the Prosperity Gospel
    John Piper and the Prosperity GospelJohn Piper discusses the heresy involved in the health and wealth or prosperity gospel... which is no gospel at all (Gal 1)matthiaslot2008-03-17T00:00:00152,973 views00:02:49
  • What Inspires You? -
    What Inspires You? -$1.99 hi-res version available at

    In an attempt to motivate his troops, a soldier uses lines from famous movies and songs. His humorous speech inspires the group.
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:3513,245 views00:02:12
  • Leadership style
    Leadership styleCory's personal reflections on team leadership.corywise2008-07-21T00:00:001,876 views00:02:37
  • Relational Leadership
    Relational LeadershipRelationship with God is the most important ingredient.pastormorton2008-07-31T00:00:002,023 views00:14:10
  • Deaf Girl Learns To Play Violin!
    Deaf Girl Learns To Play Violin!So Amazing! So Inspirational!hulahan2010-10-01T23:29:05172,521 views00:04:03
  • You Do The Math -
    You Do The Math - IgniterMedia.comFaith versus works is a debate that still continues. Can we work our way to heaven? Can we obtain salvation simply through faith regardless of how we live? This video investigates how the truth really adds up.ignitermedia2010-10-02T00:57:4233,276 views00:03:37
  • Under God
    Under GodI pledge allegiance...One nation. Under God. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all. We cannot be indivisible. We cannot have true liberty and there will never be justice for all without us first being UNDER GOD.theveracityproject2010-10-02T01:07:023,244 views00:01:11
  • What Dad's Can't Do -
    What Dad's Can't Do - IgniterMedia.comDads play such an important role in raising kids. Many of us have special memories of things that our fathers did for us growing up. However, no matter how much dads do for their kids, there are some things that they can't do for them.

    ignitermedia2010-10-02T01:07:555,203 views00:01:42
  • Hope Now Music Video
    Hope Now Music VideoMusic Video for Addison Road's Hope Nowaddison-road2010-10-02T01:11:491,851 views00:03:44
  • Genuine Christian Leadership - A Better Way to Live
    Genuine Christian Leadership - A Better Way to LiveSummary: When someone has truly been called by God to lead, they will direct your attention to Jesus. Verse: "Again, the next day, John stood with two of his disciples. And looking at Jesus as He walked, he said, 'Behold the Lamb of God!' The...iiw2010-10-02T01:12:211,496 views00:03:33
  • To God Alone  Music by, Aaron Shust
    To God Alone Music by, Aaron ShustTo God all the Glory! Not by our works are we saved, but by faith.

    Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.

    ~ 1 Peter 3:15
    pinkangel10112010-10-02T01:13:103,698 views00:03:48