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You Have Enough
How can you offer God your best today?

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Nothing is too Hard for the Lord



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  • Danny's Puppet Blog- It's All About Easter
    Danny's Puppet Blog- It's All About EasterDanny uses his mom's old flannel graph to share the Easter story. He shows how all of God's attributes can be clearly seen throughout the whole thing!discovergod4kids2012-04-06T23:19:053,645 views00:07:10
  • Danny's Puppet Blog- It's Just Not Fair
    Danny's Puppet Blog- It's Just Not FairDanny tells why his whole class had to sit in timeout during recess today. It's just not fair.
    (First time with intro music and a story board.)
    discovergod4kids2012-03-02T23:49:067,383 views00:06:08
  • Danny's Puppet Blog - Straight to the Source
    Danny's Puppet Blog - Straight to the SourceDanny can't depend on his basketball skills because he's never played before. He has a lot to learn. Danny also discovers that GPS is reliable, but only when it is working properly and is connected. Isn't it nice to know that God is totally truthf...discovergod4kids2012-02-24T13:04:082,722 views00:04:34
  • Danny's Puppet Blog - The LOVE Month
    Danny's Puppet Blog - The LOVE MonthFebruary is the LOVE month, and Danny's object of his affection is CANDY! He loves Valentine's Day mainly for the candy. He has to make Valentine's cards for everyone in his class though, even for the kids that are hard for him to like. We all kno...discovergod4kids2012-02-17T12:39:063,377 views00:04:40
  • Danny's Puppet Blog - From Start to Finish
    Danny's Puppet Blog - From Start to FinishDanny loves Star Wars stuff, especially Lego Star Wars stuff. One of his dreams is to talk to George Lucas and learn all that he knows about Star Wars! But how much greater would it be to talk to God and learn all He knows about everything! God cr...discovergod4kids2012-02-06T21:19:212,438 views00:05:56
  • Danny's Puppet Blog - All the Details
    Danny's Puppet Blog - All the DetailsSometimes you have a week that feels like one of those big roller coasters at a theme park, where it just keeps going and diving and twisting, and you don't know where it's going next. Danny had a roller coaster week this week.discovergod4kids2012-02-03T08:09:242,544 views00:04:50
  • Danny's Puppet Blog - Danny's Resolutions
    Danny's Puppet Blog - Danny's ResolutionsDanny made some New Year's resolutions. Keeping his resolutions is harder than making his resolutions. It's great to know that God always keeps His promises!discovergod4kids2012-01-22T13:49:202,417 views00:04:03
  • Danny's Video Blog: God Keeps His Promises
    Danny's Video Blog: God Keeps His PromisesChristmas and the New Year are about promises- God keeping His promise to send a Savior and us making promises for the new year. Because God is faithful, we can depend on Him to always keep His promises.discovergod4kids2011-12-23T22:19:155,540 views00:02:42
  • Danny's Christmas: More Than Ordinary
    Danny's Christmas: More Than OrdinaryChristmas is about family, friends, goodies, lights and presents, right? It's way less ordinary than that. Because God is Love, He loves us no matter what and will do whatever it takes to help us know Him -- even sending His Son, Jesus, to earth a...discovergod4kids2011-12-09T15:54:592,228 views00:04:35
  • Danny's Video Blog: Knowing God Really Matters
    Danny's Video Blog: Knowing God Really MattersHave you ever thought something about someone that was not true? Our view of someone matters because that will affect how we interact with that person. Danny talks about this in a funny movie he watched, and he also relates how important it is tha...discovergod4kids2011-11-08T09:30:442,294 views00:06:45