Tim Hawkins on Hand Raising



  • 2014-08-24T01:26:11

I love Tim! Y'all! I need your help. If you feel led. Please visit my friends page and donate. She is a tumor survivor. A single mom of two. She just found out she has breast cancer and needs help just paying the bills while she undergoes treatment. IF you can. Please go to: http://gofund.me/melaniebanks?pc=14_tw_up via GoFundMe If you cant donate... a prayer and a share would be awesome! Thanks! Praise the Lord!

  • 2014-07-11T18:58:22

God is the author of Joy! The creator of laughter. It is so nice to enjoy laughter without some one throwing in explicit and foul language!

  • 2014-05-10T22:48:59

I disagree with Deer Lake but honor the point respectively. For me, I view my church (Crossroads Christian Church in Grand Prairie) as a sanctuary for sinners looking to find salvation. This style of entertainment is a little added bonus, fitting well within our belief infrastructure. Tim did pass our way on tour, and played to a packed house of over 2500 Christian men and women. Tickets were hard to come by...standing room only. Need I say more?

  • 2014-03-02T19:12:55

He forgot about the Potatoe, the Fist and the Fist Pump for us guys.

  • 2013-10-29T07:28:10

the raise your hands one made me laugh because it's so true..

  • 2013-10-21T00:54:48

shake up the pews and holdem high lol. and listen to the tisks and gasps, was a straight baptist for years but never agreed with church ways,could not pretend no one else was as good as us, ake waves

  • 2013-10-16T03:01:11

Amy Francis this was like our conversation at work the other day! Hope it makes you laugh :)

  • 2013-10-16T02:11:02

well said Miss LauraBeth!!!

  • 2013-10-12T23:40:26

that was funny??

  • 2013-10-12T03:02:59

Me too.....

  • 2013-08-10T05:35:33

So true. God has given each of us unique personalities. 'We either use it for His glory or we don't. I'm sure God has a great sense of humor, since we were created to His Image.

  • 2013-05-08T01:48:36

I needed this laugh so bad today thank you god!

  • 2013-04-25T05:43:42

Not everyone who's Pentecostal (UPCI) would agree with Deer Lake Pentecostal's viewpoint. (Just keep in mind that I have no clue if Deer Lake is UPCI, ALJC, PAW, some other another like-minded Pentecostal organization or if they're independent Pentecostal.) I thought this was funny. My pastor thinks it's funny, and so does my youth pastor. Sure, we need to be serious in worship, but we do have to laugh every once in a while.....

  • 2013-03-07T03:16:51

Church will never be the same.So funny. Gone thru them all....

  • 2013-02-25T18:12:07

Normally I enjoy your comedy but that wa pure sacereligious.

  • 2013-01-07T18:03:10


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