Tim Hawkins On Hand Raising At Church

Tim Hawkins On Hand Raising At Church

Clean comedian Tim Hawkins brings the laughs with his hilarious skit on hand raising in church.

Tim Hawkins is known for his funny parodies and comedic sketches such as ‘Cletus Take The Wheel’ and ‘Pretty Pink Tractor.’ Tim never fails to disappoint at taking popular songs or pop culture references and adapting them to make the struggles of life a little funnier.

In fact, he’s garnered over 200 million views across social media and still remains relevant today. Since 2002, Tim has released multiple DVDs, CDs, and countless videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Today, we’re taking a look back at one of his most iconic sketches that revolves around worshipping at church. During worship, it’s common for people to stand up and clap. As Tim says, ‘Some people are more expressive in worship and some people are more subtle.’

Tim goes to a very expressive church and on any given Sunday, you can find most of the worshippers with their hands in the arm. But everyone has a different way of expressing their worship.

Tim found that there a certain number of ‘hand raising’ categories that you can fall into and he has named each one of them. From carrying the TV to hold my baby, you will be laughing along as Tim acts out each movement.

He is truly a one-of-a-kind comedian and there is no doubt that you’ll laugh your way through this ‘hand raising’ exercise. What type of hand raiser are you? I am definitely a goal post!

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