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Facebook Does the Bible allow women to be pastors?-Mary Kassian



  • 2012-01-03T14:38:35

this is what the churches need today to understand the role of woman in house and church. even men should know this teaching. it really nice to hear someone talk in favor of Biblical teaching, which is sound and doctrinal. still so simple and meaningful teaching that would be great help to many who would be listening to this.

  • 2011-11-15T15:18:35

Amen, well said!

  • 2011-10-28T03:51:09

The universal priesthood of all believers is regarding the spiritual reality of our closeness to God and the privilege of having direct access to Him through the atonement of Jesus; it cannot be applied to holding church offices of authority or priestly ordinations in the light of all Scriptures.

  • 2011-10-28T02:30:39

Tom Wigginton Scripture also says we are all priests,not just the clergy.Jesus is the High Priest and King after the Order of Melchizedek.But you are correct about Homosexuality is a sin.Also Scripture teaches Women should not usurp authority over a male who is baptized by immersion.You are also correct that the Apostles were male and the priests were male.Women have a part to play though,look at the old testament examples of Deborah the Judge ,Ruth ,wife of Boaz,and Esther Queen Of Persia,etc.Can we all understand the Bible alike or does an ordained person have to explain it to us,like a Bishop or Deacon?In the New Testament Elders (or Bishops -one in the same)were appointed at every congregation possible.No head elder or head Bishop or Synod,just Elders.Scripture is very clear on this.Your probably not interested but i would be interested in talking with you about this.

  • 2011-10-26T23:04:02

That looks a good Anglican church. The Bible also says when a society becomes corrupt, women and children start ruling over men. Sounds horrid familiar. Men must seek God's glory and honor Him, women must be obedient to what is good and right, and children are to be made orderly and respectful. We must all work together to set things right before our God. We may suffer some injuries and loss in the process but the battles will never be given up till the end. Truth prevails.

  • 2011-10-26T12:11:07

What do the verses from Jude you mentioned say about whether women should pastor churches or not - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  • 2011-10-26T05:52:06

Tom, Japan had real beautiful gem-like works in 70's and in early 80's I'd like to let the style be known as well. Those are too valuable to be forgotten or lost. So my manga is a tribute and a remembrance in a way. Some beauty, dreams and values are permanent.

  • 2011-10-26T04:35:41

@Tom Wigginton Thank you, but I hate the present manga market and I stay away from them. "Manga Messiah" is good. I grew up in Japan many decades ago when most girls' manga and animation movies were beautiful and clean. I can draw romance manga so I make them in order to deliver sound Christian teaching through them to readers.

  • 2011-10-25T23:29:31

I like your answers. Also, I just wanted to state that I can tell by your profile pic you like Manga. I am now reading "Manga Messiah", and it is a beautiful and faithful Manga version of the Gospels.

  • 2011-10-25T23:27:57

True. In addition, 1 Timothy Chapter 3, in giving the qualifications of Bishops and Deacons, states that both be husbands of one wife (not wife of one husband, and certainly not husbands of husbands, so gay clergy as the Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin), so as a husband of one wife, a Bishop or a Deacon is therefore male. That would also lead to the conclusion that a Priest should also be male, since a Priest is ordained as a Deacon as a first step to ordination as a Priest, and a Bishop is a Priest that has been elevated to that position. This passage also indicates that prohibiting priests and bishops from marrying is counter to scripture, despite what the Church of Rome requires for its priests and bishops. In my church (Anglican), bishops, priests, and deacons are permitted to marry, and are expected to be celibate if single. My parish (an Anglican church) has two priests and two deacons, all are men and are married. One of the deacons is a "transitional deacon", meaning that he is intending to be ordained as a priest, and the other deacon is a vocational deacon, meaning he does not intend to advance to the priesthood.

  • 2011-10-25T21:27:52

This is the best answer given!

  • 2011-10-25T21:26:51

Cindy Cruz Spoo No, Word of Life on Utica St. in Buffalo, NY

  • 2011-10-25T20:18:22

Lois, was this Bethel Missionary in Michigan(I think)

  • 2011-10-21T04:38:43

Further thought: There seem to be border lines even for angels( Epistle of Jude verse 8, 9). How much more for men and women who are humans! Even the natural creation world indicates there are border lines that cannot be crossed. Ordination of women practically helps overall bringing of Bible illiteracy upon men, disobedience to churches and disorders to children.

  • 2011-10-20T14:27:40

Disobedience does not always have immediate consequences. God examines us over time. Female pastors do some good; it's just they don't need to be ordained pastors. For overall effects, the churches in the West have been made extremely weakened by disobedient establishment of female pastors and by gender confusions and other kinds of unacceptable immorality; it's clear for all the world to see, but people cannot speak out because it's so "politically incorrect" in the anti-Christian Western society. Men must listen to God, never granting women's wayward demands.

  • 2011-10-20T12:36:04

There could be exceptional, emergency situations where female missionaries establish churches and sustain them because of complete absence of educated Christian men and other situations where the dying converts get baptized by a female because she is the only Christian present there. Under normal and regular circumstances, however, male servants of God must take up the responsibility of pastoring the local Christian churches. Expecting any woman to hold spiritual authority over men within church under normal circumstances is un-biblical.