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  • Marriage Help - Uncovering Satan's StrategyMarriage Help - Uncovering Satan's Strategy
    If you think Satan waited until now to mess with your marriage - think again. He did it when you were a kid because it was easier for him then. yourmarriagerestored2011-06-07T22:14:04665 views00:04:50
  • Marriage Help - Celebrate Your Anniversary Everyday!Marriage Help - Celebrate Your Anniversary Everyday!
    You don't have to honor your wedding anniversary just once a year - you can actually celebrate it everyday. We do! So much so that we actually forgot the actual day! No worries though and I tell you why in this video.yourmarriagerestored2011-06-02T20:04:04594 views00:05:15
  • Marriage Help - Protecting Your MarriageMarriage Help - Protecting Your Marriage
    Protecting your marriage is vitally important for the health and longevity of the relationship. This may seem like a no-brainer but you'd be surprised at how many Christian husbands and wives don't make this a priority in their lives.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T02:03:10866 views00:09:02
  • Marriage Help - There IS Hope!Marriage Help - There IS Hope!
    How we wish we could fully express to you the breakthroughs that took place for each of the couples and the taste of renewed hope that God poured upon them as they left our Marriage Intensive. We've tried to give you a feel in this week's video.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T02:01:561,186 views00:08:28
  • Marriage Help - Tomorrow Could Be Too LateMarriage Help - Tomorrow Could Be Too Late
    Thinking that the large elephant sitting in your living room (following you around wherever you go) can be ignored if you give it a wide enough berth each time you pass by will solve nothing. It's time to start dealing with this now and we can hel...yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T02:00:361,001 views00:06:40
  • Marriage Help - Slaying the Silent KnightMarriage Help - Slaying the Silent Knight
    Passive/Aggressive men or, as we like to call them, Silent Knights, are some of the most verbally & emotionally abusive husbands and are often the hardest to reach. Today we speak on this subject which and give insight as to the how comes &...yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:59:291,221 views00:09:45
  • How A Christian Wife Deals With Her IssuesHow A Christian Wife Deals With Her Issues
    When a Christian husband brings healing to his wife, many of her issues and past baggage will disappear. What's left over she can work through with God.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:58:001,218 views00:09:53
  • Marriage Help ~ Is Your Marriage A Freak Show?Marriage Help ~ Is Your Marriage A Freak Show?
    Many people think that living out marriage as God designed it is some sort of side show curiosity. Anytime we choose to do something God's way, we open up the door to questions & lifted eyebrows; even rejection. It's a risk we're willing to ta...yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:25:251,487 views00:09:55
  • Saving Your Marriage ~ Is It Worth The Effort?Saving Your Marriage ~ Is It Worth The Effort?
    Restoring your marriage may seem like the most impossible task on earth. It may fill you with a mixture of dread, hope, pessimism and longing; and you will ask yourself many times if it's really worth the effort. We decided it's why.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:24:031,525 views00:09:25
  • Help For Your Marriage ~ What Is Love?Help For Your Marriage ~ What Is Love?
    This week we're mainly addressing husbands and how they love their wives. Is it on your terms guys or is the way she needs you to love her? Is it to serve you or is it the way God called you to love her...unconditionally?yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:21:291,368 views00:09:53
  • Marriage Help ~ Does Your Husband Love You?Marriage Help ~ Does Your Husband Love You?
    Today, we share how a husband needs to be with his wife when she gives him her honest answer to the question, "Does your husband love you?". This way, she can give a glowing report when she's asked this soul-searching question.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:16:061,589 views00:08:29
  • Did We Ever Feel Like Quitting?Did We Ever Feel Like Quitting?
    There were times in the beginning of our restoration that we felt like quitting. I would get scared & Michael would get frustrated. In this week's Testimoney Tuesday video we share what this looked like for us and how we overcame it.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:14:341,371 views00:07:57
  • Marriage Help ~ The Wife God Gave YouMarriage Help ~ The Wife God Gave You
    When Michael began to understand that everything in me is designed by God to work toward a bonded relationship with him, he discovered that he did indeed have the perfect wife for him.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:12:581,695 views00:09:47
  • Marriage Help - Shakin' UpMarriage Help - Shakin' Up
    Would you live in a shack with your husband? I would with mine if I had to. Wanna know why? Because Michael is treating me like a queen. Here's a short video explaining how far a wife will go with her husband when her heart is being listened to.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:11:561,575 views00:04:32
  • Marriage Help - Your Dream CAN Become A Reality!Marriage Help - Your Dream CAN Become A Reality!
    At one point, you had a dream of what your marriage was going to be like. You grew up, fell in love & got married; now, reality may not match your cherished dream. Take Heart! You CAN have a dream-come-true marriage.yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:10:441,530 views00:09:57
  • Christian Marriage Help - Here's The Answer!Christian Marriage Help - Here's The Answer!
    When we were in the bad days of our marriage, we looked for answers as to "Why?" It was more than just the obvious stuff that was happening between us and the answer you're looking for is so simple you won't believe it!yourmarriagerestored2010-10-02T01:09:091,353 views00:09:54