Song For Sinners' David Phelps Official Music Video

Song For Sinners' David Phelps Official Music Video

Watch this music video and listen to David Phelps’s new song called ‘Song For Sinners’ which is part of the recently released album titled Gamechanger.

“This is a song for sinners, saints and new beginners, a song for the broken, we are not alone
This is a song for the nameless, the forgotten and famous,
A song for children who are never known
Drink from the well that never runs dry, drink from the well that never runs dry
To your children here below, Holy Spirit let your living water flow”

The music video is filmed in black and white, and David is seen strolling the streets in a suit. Then he is riding in the back of a car as the streetlights shine through his car’s window. The whole production has a nice, vintage feel to it.

As David rides around the city in the car, he is singing ‘Song For Sinners,’ and his smooth and amazing voice just shines! What a talented man!

The lyrics and music for ‘Song For Sinners’ is wonderful and has such a great jazzy vibe. And the message throughout the song is very encouraging and uplifting. As the song builds, David uses his vocals to drive the song to an amazing place.

“That was out of this world terrific!” comments one of David’s fans on YouTube after watching the video. “The message, the voice, the arrangement, the accompaniment, the black & white photography. Spot on in every niche! Congratulations!”

“This should win awards. So heartfelt. The cinematography was spot on. The tone just pierced right through me. Now to add this to my Spotify playlist!” writes another person online.

Praise the Lord for David Phelps’s talents and ministry! We hope that you enjoyed listening to his new song ‘Song For Sinners’ today.

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