Will Moseley Chilling Rendition Of 'Night Moves' By Bob Seger

Check out this chilling rendition from Will Moseley of the song ‘Night Moves’ by Bob Seger. What a great cover of this song! 

Bob Seger has a sound and a style all his own. And yet, Will Moseley’s vocals fit this classic song perfectly. This performance on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame night on American Idol definitely got the attention of the judges and audience. And many people online also enjoyed the rendition, sharing how impressed they were with Will Moseley. His performance proved he’s got some serious musical talent.

“It’s just effortless for him. He looks like a pro already! Old soul, with a heart of gold!” comments one person online.

“The voice we didn’t know we needed but we all want more of it,” writes another person on YouTube after watching the video.

Even though Will sounds like he’s been performing for years, his love of music was only just recently discovered. This Georgia Southern University graduate just earned a degree in biology, and it has only been a few years since he developed his musical talent.

"I've been playing guitar for a little over three years. I started singing after that, it was something that developed kind of quickly,” Will Moseley shared. And he used this new talent of his to help put him through school. "I was playing in every restaurant, bar, private party, weddings… anywhere that would pay me to play, that's where I would go.”

You’d never realize this talented singer was new to the stage. Taking a Bob Seger classic and making it your own is no easy task. But Will Moseley did just that with his awesome rendition of ‘Night Moves.’ 

We hope you enjoyed this performance, and we can’t wait to see where Will Moseley goes next with his music!

Source: American Idol

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