Hilarious Husbands Of Target

Hilarious Husbands Of Target

The hilarious husbands of Target seek new members in a viral video that’s sweeping the Internet.

This funny clip features social media sensations Penn Holderness, Taylor Calmus, Charlie Berens and You Betcha as the four husbands. You may recognize Penn as the patriarch of The Holderness Family.

Back in 2014, the family went viral after sending out a video Christmas card called ‘Christmas Jammies.’ Since then, Penn Holderness, his wife, Kim and two children have continued to make hilarious videos and other parodies that always have a way of cracking us up.

From parodies like ‘All About That Baste’ and ‘Baby Got Class,’ Today, Penn is teaming up with another viral dad, Taylor Calmus, also known as Dude Dad and two other funny personalities for ‘Husbands Of Target.’

If you’ve ever stepped into a Target or been in the car while waiting for someone else, you know that ‘just two things’ always turns into way more. These husbands have spent so much time waiting in the parking lot for their wives that they decided to form a group. The hilarious video showcases the many creative activities that the four men use to pass the time.

The video description sums it up perfectly. “Every day millions of husbands are left unattended in Target parking lots. We are now starting a Husbands of Target movement to band together. Join us, we have beef jerky.”

I was laughing out loud at this funny parody and the husbands of Target. Do you know anyone that needs to join?