Deep Things of God

It is time to decide if you are ready for the deep things of God and it is time to decide what is important to you—either the prosperity of your pocket or the prosperity of your soul. What is thousand dollar bill compared to the inheritance of the saints of light and the true riches of His grace? The problem is, you dont know who you are and Satan has robbed your heart of true faith. If you knew the inheritance of God and your assigned rewards in the bosom of the Father, you would gladly receive the yoke of Christs covenant and gird yourself with His truth and your labor at His altar would be sweet. As the Lord again breathes life into His church I want you to stand in the ranks of the righteous and come into the fulness of the knowledge of the Son of God. I am preaching today from Relation chapter 19 verses 12-15 that your joy may be full.

Credits: music by Stefano Maccarelli, " Un Giorno Per Caso ": Photo credits: Morgue File Archives:; NASA

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