Fear of 13

Many people fear the number 13. Ambassador Family Church has chosen to embrace it as we are entering our 13th year of ministry here in Oceanside. We set a time apart for a holy convocation. Throughout biblical history the people of God gathered under divine oversight to celebrate His goodness and the beauty of his holiness. During these times the voice of God was heard, giving was extravagant and unity immense. These holy convocations were special days reserved for a divine purpose and considered sacred and sacrificial. Keeping with spiritual legacy and holy tradition, Apostle Ron Satrape is calling the saints of God and apostolic voices in a time of celebration and appreciation to God as we encounter our 13th annual holy convocation. This ordained time will transform lives, refine focus, and set the course to where we are going next. On the final night the holy convocation will end with a special word from Apostle Cook.

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