'Fly' Nightbirde Music Video Features Touching Clips Of Late Singer

'Fly' Nightbirde Music Video Features Touching Clips Of Late Singer

Check out this touching music video for the late singer Nightbirde’s song ‘Fly.’

"Stop right there, don't you take another minute, I don't care
You wasted all your words on nothing, I am done with you and all your cynicism
Suffocating realism, trying to keep me tied to the ground
I’m not in the dark, but I’m not sure if I’ve gone far enough
From the voices that tell me that I’m not made for love
You’re the only one who knows that I’m still curious
If you’re with me then I know that I will, I will fly, I will fly, I will fly”

Jane Marczewski, known professionally as Nightbirde, was an inspirational and talented singer-songwriter who rose to fame after auditioning on America's Got Talent in 2021. She received a Golden Buzzer for her original song "It's OK." Sadly, Jane has since passed away from cancer.

In this music video, her song ‘Fly’ is playing over scenes from Jane’s AGT viewing party and other moments throughout her music career, like her live performances of her songs "It's Ok" and "Heartbeat".

“A huge thank you to a long time friend of Jane's, Ryan Carl, for pulling together this video montage of Jane's music career from college through her breakout moment on AGT (America's Got Talent),” reads the caption of the video on YouTube. “A video of some beautiful, but also some sad moments from Jane's music and life journey. We hope you feel her presence, hope, happiness and joy by remembering Jane is flying high with no more pain, with the God she loved dearly. We are so happy she got to taste her music dreams on earth, in her lifetime.”

Nightbirde was such a bright light here on earth, and her music and outlook on life inspired so many people. We hope that you enjoyed listening to her beautiful song ‘Fly’ today.

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