Rescued Puppy Gets Comfort And Love From Blind Cat

Rescued Puppy Gets Comfort And Love From Blind Cat

Cats sometimes get a bad reputation for lacking warmth and friendliness, but this video of a rescued puppy getting comfort and love from a blind cat might have you thinking differently about our feline friends. 

Check out the diapered black-and-white cat as she licks and loves on the sweet, black puppy! 

Hattie is her name, and she didn’t used to get much pampering. In fact, Hattie has had a hard life. Before being rescued by her current owner, TikTok user @hattieandrue, Hattie had been living in a horrible hoarding situation. 

When Hattie’s human dad brought home an abandoned pup, the newbie might not have been welcomed into the fold. However, Hattie has overcome adversity, and she seems very willing to share the good fortune she’s found and her kindness with her new roomy.  

At the opening of the video, it appears the two formerly down-and-out pets are nestled together in the bed. However, we quickly see the pup padding around on the tile floor and then struggling a bit to get back to the safety of their shared space. 

As the puppy moves about before settling, Hattie grooms the diminutive doggie. Actually, the behavior is called “allogrooming,” and it is not merely about helping her buddy with hygiene.  When cats lick one another’s heads, it’s a sign of affection, as well as an indication of bonding and trust. So, even though Hattie’s friend is definitely not a sibling, she seems happy to treat the rescued puppy as such. 

The precious pup rests in the cozy bed, basking—perhaps bathing—in Hattie’s affection. They certainly seem to have built a beautiful friendship! 

Maybe, the two cuddlers have some creature capacity for understanding each other’s past plights. Their connection is great for them, but it’s an inspiring and uplifting message for their parents and all of us, too. When life seems full of hardships and days are dark, God never fails to send little bits of hope and light our way! 

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12

@hattieandrue Hattie is blind, she was rescued from the most horrendous hoarding sotiation you could imagine. My boyfriend found tbe puppy abandoned. She decided to take him in. #catsanddogs #mamacat #blindcat #unconditionallove ♬ Love - Revember

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