Comedian's Hilarious Take On Working In His Church's Nursey

Take a moment for a well-needed laugh. This comedian has a hilarious take on working in his church's nursery.

Jonnie W Comedy shares a humorous take on serving in the nursery for church. He says it is the best “because the babies cannot rat you out if it all goes wrong.” The audience laughs out loud. He shares how they are a “sticker church” because they put stickers on the kids when they get checked in for the nursery. He says, “We’re tagging these kids like they’re in the wild, it’s weird.” 

Johnnie goes on to say that parents are supposed to keep the other piece of paper, and he jokes that he doesn’t put up with that in his nursery, “You come back without that piece of paper, we’re keeping him ok?” He tells them that they knew the risks. The audience is howling and laughing. He continues that the parent says that he knows him and he dropped him off, and he says, “Sir look, without the receipt the best I can do is store credit.” Everyone laughs so hard. He says that he responds, “you’ve gotta pick out something of equal or lesser value.” He jokes, “We give out so many redheads yall, it’s unbelievable.” The audience is rolling. 

I love how Jonnie takes such a mundane task and makes it hilarious. He has a true talent for captivating an audience and leading them into laughter. Scripture tells us that laughter is healthy for us. Hopefully this video is good medicine for all of us today. It is wonderful to laugh about some of the every day or weekly tasks that we do. Our God is good, and He created laughter. We are invited in to express this gift of humor given to us by the Creator who loves us, and what better way than to laugh about the nursery at church?

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” Genesis 1:21-22

Source: jonniewcomedy

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