Fly To Heaven pt.1 (Mariah Carey - Butterfly)- Breast Cancer Tribute

PRESS LIKE BUTTON IF YOU SUPPORT BREAST CANCER! Pass it on! ( If you can't view this video in your Country here is the link for pt.2 ) A Must See Video!!!!! Is it A Butterfly or an Angel? Dedicated to my aunty

Pat and also dedicated to those who have lost a love one, family member or friend to Breast Cancer! Still believe!!!!!! A Must See Video, some say its an Angel, some say its a Butterfly. There are also many other things that appear in the sky. Thanks for watching!
Im going to let the Lord continue to use me to spread his gospel of salvation! GOD BLESS! (Yeshua) Jesus is Lord!!!! Recorded on 10/4/10 -4:08pm In Atlanta, Ga. By Jarvis Evans. Copy link to watch full video of: Heavens Gate & The Angel Standing by the Throne! Follow Jarvis Evans on Twitter:

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