Christopher Love - Becoming A Spiritual Man (Part 1of 3)

Christopher Love


From the book: The Mortified Christian

Presbyterian. Studied in Oxford. A brilliant young Welsh preacher and a rising star in the world of Puritan ministry. A prominent London minister, a Covenenter, and a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines, Love was highly regarded by his peers. The American Puritan, Jonathan Edwards, read Love and had his books in his personal library. Today, he is little known; and that to our detriment.

Arrested by Cromwell's forces for his alleged involvement in a plan to raise money for the restoration of the monarchy, a charge Love denied. He was tried and convicted on charges of treason. Though several other prominent London ministers were also arrested, including Thomas Watson, they were all released. Christopher Love was beheaded on Tower Hill, London, on August 22, 1651. He wrote: Grace, The Penitent Pardoned, The Zealous Christian, Effectual Calling.

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