On The Cross

Here is a song that is not only the best Christian-Rock effort since the Doobie Brothers' 1973 hit "Jesus is Just Alright," but which must also rank as one of the best-written and best-produced songs of its genre of ALL TIME. Here, in one amazing new rock

song, is the story of Jesus...His Crucifixion...His Resurrection...how He is here to save the world...and the joy and glory that go hand-in-hand with praising Him. Writer/Producer Rik Mallin's brilliant vocal on this record is complemented by the beautifully
angelic-sounding (and quite unexpected) children's choir. If you're looking for a reason to believe, "On The Cross" is one song that is not to be missed. It is downloadable at http://emstonemusicpublishing.com/onthecross

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