King David Comes To Life - Historical Fiction - Book Trailer

King David is brought to life in this historical novel following the life and times of the biblical monarch, spanning from his anointing to crowning, with characters including King Saul, Michal, Jonathan, General Abner, King Achish, and the beautiful and wise Abigail.

Published by Bridge-Logos, US
ISBN-13: 9780882709291

E-Church: "David J. Ferreira succeeds brilliantly in reconstructing the most important historical, social and political circumstances of the times of one of the most important Israelite kings, David and his contemporaries."

The Sunday Tribune: "If you're expecting a tepid, stale retelling of historical events, think again. Ferreira unwraps the biblical tale with a stark, gripping account of King Saul... Ferreira uncovers the courage and strength this warrior [David] faces as his destiny strips him of everything he once held dear."

Reader comments:
Sherry Taylor, "This book "resurrected" David in my heart. Thanks for your study and your ministry of writing."

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