Here I am ( original )

A video of a song( original ) I put together after I got saved on Nov. 14 / 2005 to remind me of where I had once been in the world now today in Christ Jesus. My wife maureen got saved on Nov. 9 / 1995, 10 yrs. before I was and praise God how He used her by the power of His Spirit to reach out to me. And here we are my wife and I one in Christ Jesus, and that is something to rejoice about, Amen!,...God bless to all ,..and if you haven't made that decision yet now is the appointed time for today is the day of salvation, He said He will come quickly thought I'd let you know. For who that is in me calls you, " Come as you are" and He will do the rest to cleanse you of all unrighteousness and set you free. All brethren in agreement, in Jesus precious name. Amen!

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