Freely, Freely

A video of the gospel song " Freely, Freely ". I thank the Lord for the appointed time He called me home to Himself a wretched and lost soul I was deep in the trenches of sin, plucked me out of that miry clay on Nov. 14 / 2005…..Praise God!!....On this day with deep respect for my Lord and Savior I stand as a testimony to others who have yet to come to know Him. Of how He has molded and changed me I can share with others as He told me so that He can do for all who are still caught in the fields of sin, and can also be freed from the sins grip that holds them in bondage in this dark and wicked world. Yes, Jesus Saves!!.........God bless you all my friends out there in tangle land wherever that you may be, in my prayers always to you's all in Jesus precious name. Amen!!.........elmer

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