Sights & Sounds: Zambia - Livingstone

After a torturous 14 hour bus ride back to Masaiti, our whole team re-united for a day. We then took a couple of buses to Livingstone which took about 10-12 hours. We spent 2 days at Livingstone to relax and debrief at this Hostel called Jolleyboys. There were so many fun options to choose from. You could go on a Safari tour, Ride an Elephant, Do a Helicopter ride, go on a Sunset Cruise, take a view of the Victoria Falls, and even go Paint Balling. Me & Lucas chose to do a Bungee Jump, Bungee Swing, and Zip-Line. Victoria Falls honestly makes Niagra Falls look like peanuts in comparison. The Bungee was 111 meters, which is about 3 times the height of the WEM Waterpark Bungee.

Ironically, I have been unable to extract the main footage I obtained. I had to combine extra footage with their footage from their DVD that I purchased. So I apologize if the footage looks weak at times.

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