Have a Blessed New Year

Have a Blessed New Year

Jeremiah 29
•Only way some will praise God is in jail, adversity comes in life
•God only cares about your past when it brings you back to him

Jeremiah 29:12-13
•Got will put you in captivity, in bondage, allow mishaps, accidents, adversity to keep you turn to him,

•When you don't have anything you are more apt to share

•When you get something then you start making decisions based on things instead of how you can be a help, get in the will of God

•If you had it all then you would be like a spoiled child complaining about what is missing I read of what was given

Jeremiah 29:14
•Will not be cut off if you turn back to God
•You haven't received from God because you are STILL going your way and not the way of God
•God wants to give you an opportunity to turn back to Him

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