Spiritflight's Death Speedpaint

I'm SO sorry I've been inactive! I was kind of busy, and I lost my means of video recording and editing xP

Here is a pic of a scene from an RP with my OC Clan.

Characters: Spiritflight (Grey and white she-cat, dying) Spiderpaw (Grey and white tom, standing over Spiritflight) Stonestar (Black tuxedo tom, entering cave) Dapplewing (Brown and white she-cat) Marigold (Orangey-red Vixen (She-Fox)) Eagleheart (Blind tan she-cat)

The Story: Spiritpaw was used as a test in a machine by Two-Legs, and it gave her serious brain damage, and was left in a coma. After a seizure a few days later, the damage caused was too severe, and Dapplewing (Medicine-cat of MapleClan) and Marigold (Delta (Medicine-apprentice) of FirePack) Could do nothing to help her. This scene takes place after she died, with her family (Spiderpaw, her brother, and Eagleheart, her mother) there just to be with her, and Stonestar, coming to check on them.
(He ended up giving her her warrior name, of Spiritflight)

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