'Journey To Bethlehem' Live-Action Christmas Musical Event With Antonio Banderas

'Journey To Bethlehem' Live-Action Christmas Musical Event With Antonio Banderas

You’ll be ready for the holidays right now after checking out this trailer for Journey To Bethlehem, a live-action musical with Antonio Banderas! Oh my goodness, it looks amazing!

The story of the birth of Jesus has been told in many ways—though not nearly as often as it should be. The most incredible and meaningful birth in history has been shared through films for adults and kids. Children’s films like The Little Drummer Boy (1968) and at least one Veggie Tales video have depicted the journey that Mary and Joseph took before Jesus was born. New Line Cinema released The Nativity Story in 2006. 

A few churches, with volunteers playing all of the parts, create the story each season. The re-enactments allow guests to get just a glimpse of what Mary and Joseph felt as they traveled and hoped to find a safe place to stay. Sight & Sound Theatres produce and share the story at their Pennsylvania and Missouri locations. But Affirm Films brings something completely new,  and we can all experience it! 

The trailer is 80 seconds long, but you won’t need that much time to be sold on seeing the film when it comes out in November! We see depictions of majesty and faraway places. There are colorful costumes, both royal and lowly. Expressions of worry and fear flash across the screen. It’s a cornucopia of faces and feelings, with musical numbers that complement each!

All of those feelings and places are real; they were experienced by real people. And it’s not just the heavier elements that the trailer promises. Joy is abundant in the trailer! Delight smiles, and humor are present, as they absolutely should be!     

Of course, there is a gifted cast and… Antonio Banderas! One commenter wrote, “I did not know I needed a nativity story musical until I saw this trailer.” Amen, sister! 

Journey To Bethlehem looks like a film to add to your list of Christmas viewing and must-sees! 

“Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2:11

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