'Relate' For King And Country Official Music Video

'Relate' For King And Country Official Music Video

Watch this powerful music video of For King And Country’s new song ‘Relate.’

“Has life hit you so hard that you've been knocked down? Have you gone too far to find the middle ground? Did they raise you so high just to pull you back down? Have you been so lost you could never be found? 'Cause I've been real, I've been fake, been a sinner, been a saint
I've been right, I've been so, so wrong, yeah, I've made my mistakes”

The music video shows Joel and Luke Smallbone singing on a rooftop with the Los Angeles skyline in the background. And as the members of For King And Country sing the powerful lyrics of their new song, scenes of different people’s lives flash across the screen.

“It was very deliberate as to why we wanted to shoot it here,” says Joe Smallbone while filming the music video in Skid Row, in the heart of Los Angeles. “Because so much of what we’ve faced over the last year or two with the pandemic, with the political climate, with racism, is this great question mark of ‘Can we relate to each other when we don’t agree? When we find it hard to hear a different opinion?’”

Luke Smallbone shares in an interview about how he has recently been reminded that the attribute that Jesus showed the most in his ministry was compassion. “What does it mean to be empathetic to people that may not have lived the same life that we’ve lived, maybe walked through different things?” Luke says. “How can we actually relate to them? I think that that’s what essentially Jesus did in his ministry. He showed great compassion to people.”

For King And Country’s new song ‘Relate’ reminds us that although we have very different lives from one another, there are still ways for us to relate to each other. There are still ways for us to show compassion to others who do not live or think or look like us. We must model our lives after Jesus and keep his teachings central to how we act towards the people around us.

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