Summit Lecture Series: The Worldview Behind Porn with Sean McDowell, part 1

What’s the big deal with pornography?
The truth is that it is a huge subject that we need to deal with honestly and frankly. So, starting with the root of it all, the word “pornography” comes from the Greek word pornographos, which means “writing about prostitutes”. Yet, according to our culture, and as quoted by actor Seth Rogen’s character in the film Zack and Miri Make a Porno,
“It’s all mainstream now.”
And, according to recent polls, 42.7% of all internet users view porn. Every second, 28,258 internet users view porn. The U.S. annual porn revenue is over $13 billion – more than all of the nation’s major sports combined. While worldwide porn revenue is over $100 billion. And every day, 2.5 billion pornographic email are sent.
What might surprise you, though, is who is looking at all this porn. Today, roughly 30% of the internet’s porn is viewed by women. So, considering that $100 billion is at stake, porn producers have stopped competing as harshly for men, because statistically speaking, most men look at pornography without being marketed to. The untapped market is women. Therefore, they are changing the face and tone of pornography in order to make it more appealing to women...
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