Baby Monkey Relaxes During Bathtime

Baby Monkey Relaxes During Bathtime

A baby monkey relaxes during bathtime, and it may be one of the cutest things you’ll see all day.

You may find relaxation in a warm bath at the end of a long day, but no one enjoys bath time more than baby monkey, Quý Báu. As the newest member of the Philadelphia Zoo, newborn monkey, Quý Báu, got the special treatment for her very first bathtime, and loved every second of it!

The François' langur, also known as the François' leaf monkey, are an endangered species of monkey native to China and Vietnam. The biggest factor in their nearly 90% population decline is the overhunting by locals that believe the bones of the monkey contain medicinal properties that cure fatigue and rheumatism. Because of their endangered status, the dedicated zookeepers of the Philadelphia Zoo are committed to taking utmost care of their fuzzy monkey friends, and that, of course, includes bathtime.

After the Philadelphia Zoo’s very own François' leaf monkey, Mei Mei, gave birth to her firstborn baby, a female by the name of Quý Báu, zookeepers quickly noticed the new mother was not attending to the newborn. Although this type of activity is not uncommon for first time mothers, the zookeepers decided to take the baby monkey to a nearby animal hospital for a warm bath and some good food, and thankfully for the rest of us, they brought a camera along to document the adorable experience!

In the video we see the newborn Quý Báu, no bigger than a grapefruit, struggling to stay awake as veterinarians gently lathered her in soap and warm water. As the relaxed baby monkey clung to her washcloth the vets carried her to a drying station where she was carefully warmed and blow dried before being bottle fed the finest of baby monkey nutrients.

Upon Quý Báu’s return to the zoo, the newborn ended up bonding with her mother, and according to the Philadelphia Zoo’s Facebook page, “The whole family is doing great!”

"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me." Matthew 25:35

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