Amazing Dad Helps Toddler Hula Hoop On Her Own

Amazing Dad Helps Toddler Hula Hoop On Her Own

The father won fans all over the Internet when he helped his toddler hula hoop.

Audrey and her family were visiting the zoo when a dance party broke out on the streets. Kids were gathered together and using hula hoops to dance along with the music. Little Audrey wanted to join in too, but she’s still a bit young to hula hoop on her own.

That’s when her dad stepped in and did the sweetest thing. He held onto the hoop and moved it around as Audrey danced and smiled. This cutie thought she was doing it all on her own and she was so proud of herself.

“Mommy, I did it on myself!” Audrey shouts to her mother, who was filming on the sidelines. There is so much joy and happiness in this precious moment that you’re sure to be grinning from ear to ear too.

The relationship between a father and daughter is definitely special. These two share a bond like no other and no matter how old the daughter becomes, she will always be Daddy’s little girl.

This video is the perfect example of the lengths a father will go for his daughter. There’s nothing he won’t do to bring a smile to his sweet girl’s face.

This precious moment has been viewed over 11 million times across social media and everyone is calling this man the father of the year. Have you ever seen a sweet moment like this in person? I sure wish I could’ve been there for this one!

Dad Helps Daughter Spin Hula Hoop

Dad of the year right here 😂😍 Sniffr Media

Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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