'Tulsa' Movie Trailer Reminds Us Of Family And Faith In Tough Times

'Tulsa' Movie Trailer Reminds Us Of Family And Faith In Tough Times

Be reminded of the power of God and family in the movie trailer for ‘Tulsa.’ This faith-based film follows the story of biker Tommy Colston played by Scott Pryor.

Tommy is a hopeless addict who seems to be on a downward spiral. But when Tommy discovers he has a long-lost daughter named Tulsa, played by Livi Birch, everything in his world changes.

Tommy reluctantly welcomes the nine year-old into his home, but tries to keep her out of his heart. But the one thing Tommy didn’t count on was the headstrong little girl and her steadfast faith in the Lord. Tulsa works relentlessly to save Tommy from his addictions and the demons of his past.

However, just when Tommy is starting to let his guard down, tragedy strikes. Tulsa is involved in a car accident, but that is the least of her worries.

The young girl is very sick and Tommy is forced to face his demons. That is when he attempts to become the father of Tulsa’s dreams, even as time may be running out. Inspired by true events, ‘Tulsa’ features Scott Pryor, Livi Birch, Nicole Marie Johnson, John Schneider, Cameron Arnett and more.

Written and directed by Scott Pryor, this inspiring film is full of laughter, love and the heartwarming story of redemption, family and forgiveness, even in the darkest times. ‘Tulsa’ is open in select theaters now and it sure to be a family-friendly film that will leave a lasting impression of God’s incredible love and grace.

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