John and Carol Arnott: Soaking in the Spirit

Pastors of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship discuss their church and the practice of soaking prayer.

After attending Bible college, John pursued a varied and successful career in business. It was in 1980 while on a ministry trip to Indonesia that he responded to Gods call on his life for full-time ministry. He and wife Carol founded the Jubilee Christian Fellowship, and in 1988 founded the Toronto church.

But in was on January 20, 1994, that their lives and ministry changed forever. The revival that began that day, often referred to as the Toronto Blessing, continues to impact churches around the world.

The Toronto Blessing is a term coined by the British press to describe the revival and resulting phenomena that began in January 1994 at Toronto Airport Vineyard Christian Fellowship, now known as Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF), a neocharismatic evangelical Christian church located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Participants in the conferences and meetings sponsored by TACF have reported healings, incidents of personal transformation and a greater awareness of God's love. It has also been referred to as "The Father's Blessing", "The Anointing", "The Awakening", "The River", "The Fire". -Wikipedia

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