Father Dances With 2-Year-Old Daughter Battling Cancer

There’s truly nothing like the connection between a father and his little girl. It’s a bond like no other and it’s one of the sweetest relationships to witness. Dad is the very first man that a girl will ever love and that love and support will stick with her for years to come. 2-year-old Phoenix and her father, Brett, have one of those precious bonds. But when his sweet girl was diagnosed with leukemia, Brett was devastated.

This disease can truly took a toll on a young child and their parents. It’s a roller coaster of emotion, but Brett was ready to make sure that his little girl still felt beautiful and loved. So he planned an entire surprise for Phoenix while she was finishing up her first round of chemotherapy. Even Phoenix’s mom wasn’t in on the incredible surprise. While at the hospital, a nurse came by with an armful of dresses. She said that a volunteer had dropped them off, but in reality, Brett had purchased them.

Then, this amazing father walks into the room dressed in a full suit. That’s when he asked his sweet little girl for a dance and they share a beautiful moment together right in the middle of the hospital. Thankfully, Phoenix’s mom was able to capture this entire tear-filled moment on camera and now everyone is talking about this father-daughter dance. It’s obvious that Brett has a special place in his heart for his baby girl and it’s so incredible to witness their relationship. We’re all praying for Phoenix’s recovery during this time.
Source: Caters_News

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