Funny Southerners Share Dad Jokes

Funny Southerners Share Dad Jokes

If you were raised in the South, or anywhere for that reason, you’ve probably heard some classic ‘dad jokes.’ These are those one-liners from the father’s in our lives that they think are absolutely hilarious but we have to roll our eye to. And usually, these jokes will be repeated over and over again. In your teenage years, this can be especially embarrassing because the dad jokes tend to come out more when new people are around.

Well, the funny folks over at It’s A Southern Thing completely feel your pain. They know all about dad jokes and they’ve put together some of the best ones they’ve heard all in one place. Imagine if people actually thought these jokes were funny. What if there was a tour for dads to go on and tell these classic puns?

Just watch this hilarious parody of a comedy tour for dad jokes. I’m sure that you’ve heard some of these a time or two. What about when the second dad tells this one: “My son comes up to me and says ‘I’m thirsty.’ So I said, ‘Hi, Thirsty. I’m Dad.’”

I’ve definitely heard that one growing up. Or how about this one: “I came in the other day and my wife asked me did I get a haircut. I said, ‘No honey, I got ‘em all cut.’” These are some classic dad jokes and I’m sure I’m not the only one that can relate to these. Who else is laughing out loud right now?

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