65-Year-Old Turns Judges With Etta James 'At Last' Audition

This talented 65-year-old turned all 4 judges around with her stunning Etta James ‘At Last’ audition. We all love watching talent show competitions that show off the incredible voices of people all around the world. But one thing I’ve noticed is that the contestants seem to get younger and younger each year. I know there are a lot of amazing voices out there, but it’s definitely intimidating for an older person to step on stage next to a younger man or woman. Thankfully, that’s all changing with the addition of a new talent competition called The Voice Senior. This program is much like it’s sister show, The Voice, where contestants are put through a round of blind auditions, hoping to have at least one of the judges turn their chairs around. But the twist for this particular show is that all contestants have to be sixty or older in order to try out. Today, we are meeting Rita. She has an incredible voice and she’s showcasing it all with her performance of the classic Etta James song ‘At Last.’ Rita barely got through the first verse when the first judge turned around. One by one, all four judges pressed their button to see the face behind those powerful vocals. I’m so glad that Rita is following her dreams, no matter how old she may be. This show is proof that age is just a number. There is no timestamp on showcasing your talent and taking that next step towards a dream. Who else is impressed with this new show?

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