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'Are You Becoming The Person You Want to Be?' - Discussion From Jefferson Bethke

'Are You Becoming The Person You Want to Be?' - Discussion From Jefferson Bethke

Speaker and fellow Christian Jefferson Bethke receives a lot of questions about God. As a motivational speaker, he tries his best to answer them all by going straight to the source, The Bible. He never shies away from the tough topics and he always gives honest and open commentary.

It’s definitely refreshing to hear a Christian address some of the topics that come up from time to time. Today, Jefferson is talking about looking at ourselves in the mirror and asking ‘Are you becoming the person that you want to be?’ In our current world, it’s easy to become distracted or believe that pieces of technology can actually help better ourselves.

We have instant access to millions of pieces of information and that could seem very helpful. But sometimes, these advantages can also lead to our downfall. Our phones, for instance, connect us to the world in a matter of seconds but they can also lead to distractions that lead us astray.

Jefferson points out that when we wake up in the morning and immediately turn to our phones or going to it throughout the day and always having to have it around is a disadvantage. “That’s a micro habit that’s making you more anxious, making you more frantic, usually making you more bitter…So that’s forming us even though we don’t realize it.’

Jefferson truly makes some good points and this discussion definitely makes you think about the steps we take to better ourselves and grow our relationship with Christ. What do you think about this topic?

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