I'm Saved, I'm Stuck - Now What?

Ever feel like you only are going through the motions?
You’re not alone.

There are other born-again Christians just like you who attend church and don’t feel the same as they did when they first believed and prayed for salvation. Some even stopped attending church altogether.

They don’t feel the fulfillment they felt in the beginning and they just don’t know what to do. We call that being “stuck.”

This book focuses on ten key Scriptures that will guide you to your breakthrough.
The companion website “self-feeder.org”, along with the book, provides an inter-
active spiritual growth process that will:

• Encourage you
• Motivate you
• Jump-start your breakthrough
• Grow you spiritually
• Provide self-accountability

The Bible talks about “fighting the good fight” and “finishing the race.” Are you ready to be guided to your breakthrough?

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