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icky Cruz was raised in Puerto Rico. His parents were heavily involved in Santeria, and as such, Nicky was the victim of repeated physical abuse and rejection at their hands. In an attempt to escape his violent upbringing, Nicky fled to New York City in the mid 50s where he soon got caught up in the gang violence that was sweeping the city. Fearless and seemingly immune to physical pain, Cruz rose through the ranks of the notorious Mau Mau gang in Fort Greene, Brooklyn to become their War Lord. Then one day a skinny preacher -- David Wilkerson -- came to the war-torn streets of Brooklyn delivering a message to Nicky -- "Jesus loves you, Nicky."
In this interview you will learn about:

• The life Nicky Cruz had as a gangster.

• How a preachers boldness made a difference in Nicky's life

• How God would love to heal your hurt and take away hatred in your life.

• Nicky's secrets of a happy marriage that will last forever.

Much more. Listen or read this interview now, and see what God has for you!

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