Christian House Trailer (by DJ Flubbel and Matthew J. Bentley)

Christian House Trailer (by DJ Flubbel and Matthew J. Bentley)

Album: Christian House
Artists: DJ Flubbel (NL) and Matthew J. Bentley (USA)
Genre: Multiple genres of Electronic Dance Music, such as Dubstyle, Hardstyle, Dubhouse, Hardhouse, UK Hardcore and Trance.

Released: August 2013: the second Album of DJ Flubbel in cooperation with Matthew J. Bentley and other Christian producers from all over the world. More information and ordering: Also available at iTunes ( and a free preview at Soundcloud.

WARNING: Listening to this Album is at your own risk and might have a life-changing effect. Possible side effects are: euphoria, an acute urge to dance and dependence to the music.

1. DJ Flubbel & Matthew J. Bentley - Intro (Jeremiah 29)
2. DJ Flubbel & Matthew J. Bentley -- Who am I (Feat. Amber Rose)
3. Matthew J. Bentley - Take Your Place
4. DJ Flubbel - Your Mercy Is Enough
5. Matthew J. Bentley - Revelation 12:11 (Feat. Matt Ferguson)
6. DJ Flubbel - Jesus Our Hope
7. Matthew J. Bentley - Waiting For Eternity
8. DJ Flubbel & D-Morphian - Christian Hardstyle
9. Matthew J. Bentley - Let The River Flow
10. DJ Flubbel - Outro

Bonus Tracks:
11. Audile - Grateful Ones [Finland]
12. DJ Jireh - Nothing shall Separate Us [South Africa]
13. Stephen Stripling - Lost in You [U.S.A.]
14. Dash - Everlasting Love [Netherlands]
15. Matthew Parker - Take Me Back [U.S.A.]
16. DJ Cesar V - Re-Born [Colombia]
17. Karlizimo - God Is Light [Chile]
18. DJ Onix - Hol