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  • Liena's Prayer: A Mother's Offering in a War-torn SyriaLiena's Prayer: A Mother's Offering in a War-torn Syria
    Liena and her family turned down offers of asylum in Western countries after civil war broke out in Syria. They knew the cost that might be required, but they chose to remain as witnesses to their Muslim neighbors and as an encouragement to other ...thevoiceofthemartyrs2014-10-17T09:49:0921,030 views00:05:12
  • Victoria: Attacked by Radical MuslimsVictoria: Attacked by Radical Muslims
    This 5-minute IDOP video focuses on Victoria and Rejoice, two teenage girls who live in Gombe, Nigeria. One day as the girls worshiped at the Deeper Life Church, they came under attack from radical Muslims. Both girls lost family members.
    thevoiceofthemartyrs2013-10-29T12:19:0431,188 views00:05:24
  • South Sudan: VOM Provides Much-Needed AidSouth Sudan: VOM Provides Much-Needed Aid
    Believers in South Sudan celebrated the founding of their new nation last year after it won independence from Arab- and Muslim-dominated Sudan. The Voice of the Martyrs continues to support Christians in South Sudan through community development e...thevoiceofthemartyrs2012-06-04T15:34:041,774 views00:01:42
  • Families Reunited in UzbekistanFamilies Reunited in Uzbekistan
    This video, produced for The Voice of the Martyrs, shows the real stories of Christians in Uzbekistan, who suffer hardship and persecution as believers in Jesus Christ.

    This video was produced for the International Day of Prayer (IDOP) ...
    thevoiceofthemartyrs2012-01-23T17:39:223,954 views00:04:59
  • Padina: The Story of a Former MuslimPadina: The Story of a Former Muslim
    IDOP 2011: ( From the time Padina was 4 years old, she followed every rule of Islam in an attempt to grow closer to Allah. But Padina could never reach Allah. I never felt peace, she said. I would cry for hours to Allah, saying...thevoiceofthemartyrs2011-12-02T11:21:2928,426 views00:07:10