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  • Every Word is Pure but How About The Punctuation?Every Word is Pure but How About The Punctuation?
    Every Word is Pure, does that include Punctuation?
    ...How Punctuation has effected Christian Doctrine.
    thenewmaninchrist2017-10-19T08:15:031 views00:42:09
  • You Can't Hide From GodYou Can't Hide From God
    No matter how hard we try to hide God knows where we are at physically, in our walk with kim, and spiritually.thenewmaninchrist2017-10-18T11:35:031 views00:03:32
  • JudgementJudgement
    What does God's Word say about judgement? Have we built a religion on 2 or 3 verses that don't line up with the rest of the bible? Watch this short teaching on just that subject.thenewmaninchrist2017-10-05T03:00:301 views00:07:19
  • The Women By The WellThe Women By The Well
    We look at John 4 the woman at the well.
    There was a great deal going on culturally that adds to the account.
    thenewmaninchrist2017-09-27T19:35:175 views00:30:30
  • 1 Samuel 1 and 21 Samuel 1 and 2
    Sometimes it great to sit down and read a history book from the Old Testament. There is a great deal packed into the first 2 chapters of Samuel. We will look at the Nazerite vow. What it was and a few of the people who followed it.thenewmaninchrist2017-09-21T11:45:034 views00:50:02
  • Figure of him to come pt.3 The ReignFigure of him to come pt.3 The Reign
    Figure of him to come; pt.3 The Reign

    The context of Romans 5:12-21 is divided into three subjects, The Sin, The Law and The Reign.
    The word "Reign" means Power, Authority or to Have Control over, like a king that has authority ove...
    thenewmaninchrist2017-09-14T12:15:022 views00:53:21
  • You are Righteous NowYou are Righteous Now
    What does the word of God say about righteousness? Does it say we are righteous now? Can it be learned. What's waiting for us at the Bema (seat of judgement)?thenewmaninchrist2017-09-06T12:35:027 views00:34:31
  • Romans 5 12-21 Type of the Coming One part 2 The LawRomans 5 12-21 Type of the Coming One part 2 The Law
    Romans 5:12-21; Type of the Coming One; part 2; The Law

    [Rom 5:13 KJV] 13 (For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.

    Before moving on to verse 14, the Law is mentioned and it is a co...
    thenewmaninchrist2017-09-02T02:35:075 views01:32:24
  • Bob WassungBob Wassung
    We have a special guest with us. Mr Robert Wassung will be joining us to talk about difficulty in translating from one language to another.

    I did not edit much but this is the edited version.
    thenewmaninchrist2017-08-24T12:55:0211 views01:32:52
  • Resistance Is FutileResistance Is Futile
    How does someone resist the devil? Why do we need to resist the devil? Isn't God in charge?thenewmaninchrist2017-08-21T22:20:1317 views00:35:41
  • Through the Prophetic WritingsThrough the Prophetic Writings
    The Christian writings we have are the basis for our faith. How did they come about? Who's words are they?
    Roman 1: speaks of the promise spoken of by the prophets in the scripture concerning his son. While in Romans 16:25 & 26 spe...
    thenewmaninchrist2017-08-20T12:30:0311 views00:49:43
  • Type Of The Coming OneType Of The Coming One
    Romans 5:12-21
    God's Good News regarding Jesus Christ to the Saints from a Legal point of View. The Price has been Paid, The court is Adjourned as the Gavel continues to echo for two thousand years. We have been Righteously Acquitted and th...
    thenewmaninchrist2017-08-19T16:30:047 views01:01:06
  • More on AuthorityMore on Authority
    Do we have authority? If we do where does it come from, and where can we find out about it?thenewmaninchrist2017-08-10T19:20:159 views01:03:43
  • In ChristIn Christ
    The power given at the new birth is described as inherent life force. It is described as the same power that God energized in his son that raise him out from among the dead. With this latent power in us, how our we to use it? What is the energizin...thenewmaninchrist2017-08-03T15:17:0812 views01:05:23
  • Hebrews 1Hebrews 1
    A study of Hebrews chapter 1. Many believe this was the first epistle written by Paul.I know it was written early on in the first century. Many great truths are revealed.thenewmaninchrist2017-07-30T20:40:167 views00:39:00
  • The Gospel, Glad Tidings, Good News The Gospel, Glad Tidings, Good News
    I was visiting a website over the weekend and was reminded of something of profound reality.
    During the rise and movement of the first century church, it is recorded in Acts that they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine (Acts 2:42)...
    thenewmaninchrist2017-07-07T17:30:049 views00:35:42