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  • How to use an IP Board meassage systemHow to use an IP Board meassage system
    :-)quigley82012-05-18T11:39:07610 views00:00:26
  • Cool lego fightCool lego fight
    So...they get in their car...Drive away to a magic fighting mat, they fight, blue guy wins!! They're magic fighting mat lifts up into the sky and takes them to their car. The other guy got mad that blue shirt won....so he cast him out the window.....quigley82012-05-04T15:39:05513 views00:00:29
  • Car+heaven+come down back to earth=a zombie pay dude!Car+heaven+come down back to earth=a zombie pay dude!
    The car crashes! Goes to heaven...meets God, God says welcome! Car says he wants to go back down to earth...so that's what happens! He's back to earth! A homeless guy asks to drive him, the car replies that he can. He gets in...Runs OVER the pay t...quigley82012-05-02T18:34:05600 views00:00:23
  • Lego jail break; Stop motionLego jail break; Stop motion
    He escapes...the 1 guard raises his hands! The guy walks away...but then with the bad guy hidden behind the screen, he shoots the guard up into the air. He goes on the interstate and get's in the middle of the road, causing a car to go off track i...quigley82012-05-02T17:09:06930 views00:00:19
  • 2011 Club Penguin Adventure Party2011 Club Penguin Adventure Party
    Sorry about the long time at the end, you can just skip that, back in 2011 I made the video. I can't edit out the time at the end. Just ignore that.quigley82012-04-17T10:44:041,217 views00:05:08