Thriving with Chronic Illness

Thriving with Chronic Illness

Jennifer Slattery

Episode 12: How Chronic Illness Can Deepen Our Intimacy with Christ

September 28, 2020   ●   28 min

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Our greatest struggles with chronic illness often result in beautiful and ever-deepening intimacy with Christ. He’s constantly pouring His love upon us, and He’s continually speaking to us. While we shouldn’t let our emotions dictate our faith, if He consistently feels distant, we should question why.

In this episode, Jennifer discusses our greatest prize—intimacy with Christ, and how we can experience an ever-growing closeness with Christ on our worst, sickest, and most painful days.

Chronic Illness Discussion Questions:
1. How would you define divine intimacy?
2. When has God seemed closest?
3. How often do you compare your interaction with God to how He interacts with, responds to, or guides someone else?
4. What are some ways you intentionally draw close to Christ?
5. Do you struggle with feeling as if you should do or be more as a Christian?
6. Considering your answer to the previous question, have you unknowingly slipped into a works-based relationship with Christ?
7. In what way is God using your current struggle to draw your closer?
8. How do you tend to respond when you experience doubt?

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