Thriving with Chronic Illness

Thriving with Chronic Illness

Jennifer Slattery

Episode 13: Knowing When to Push and When to Rest

October 5, 2020   ●   31 min

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Balancing our time and energy with chronic illness can feel challenging and confusing. If we never push through when feeling unwell, we’ll likely never accomplish anything. However, we can easily overdo things, stealing our “jelly beans” as Jennifer terms it, and thus leaving us too fatigued for our highest priority tasks or activities.

In this episode, Jennifer Slattery speaks with her Wholly Loved Ministry partner Victoria Mejias on how Victoria manages her time, energy, and symptoms as a single mom with progressive multiple sclerosis.

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Additional Resources:
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Group Discussion Questions:

1. How unpredictable are your symptoms?
2. What are some ways you can leave margin for unexpected difficult days?
3. How accurately does your schedule mirror your priorities?
4. What most challenges your ability to “push through” difficult days when necessary?
5. What most challenges your ability to rest when necessary?
6. In what ways do you struggle with guilt related to your limitations or necessary boundaries?
7. What lies are tied to your guilt?
8. What truths regarding Christ, His plans and power, and who you are in Him, can speak to your guilt?
9. What other fears are tied to your limitations or necessary boundaries?
10. What truths regarding Christ, His power and plans, and your identity in Him, can speak to those fears?
11. Is there anything God might be asking you to do in relation to what you take on and what you release?

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