Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Carley Marcouillier

Finding Our Way Back to Delight

January 19, 2023   ●   15 min

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There is often a misconception surrounding the concept of delight. Some would say delight or pleasure is selfish and therefore sinful yet what if it is delight which we were made to experience?

In this episode, we continue our discussion on the rhythms of the Sabbath, that God has gifted us and designed us for as his beloved children. We will explore together the distortion of desire and joys that often trip us up from engaging with God in embodied ways. Additionally, in this episode, we will outline the biblical definition of delight and its purpose for our lives, as an invitation to taste and see that the Lord is indeed good! It’s time we learn our way back to the delight and the heart of God for us. 


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality:

Ruth Haley Barton - Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest: From Sabbath to Sabbatical and Back Again 


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