The Happy Rant

The Happy Rant

Barnabas Piper, Ronnie Martin and Ted Kluck

Episode #407: Book Sales Numbers, The Marketing Game, and Leo Marvin

September 15, 2022   ●   63 min

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In this episode of The Happy Rant, Ted and Barnabas, sans Ronnie, wander to and fro through a variety of topics:

1. Why does Ted mock the very things to which he devotes his time?
2. Doing dumb marketing things out necessity
3. Do most books really sell under 2,000 copies?
4. Social media influencing and playing the marketing game (which doesn’t work)
5. Giving away our own books and feeling like Leo Marvin
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Today's Devotional

A Prayer for Family - Your Daily Prayer - October 2

God has entrusted each one of us with different family members. Whether biologically or through adoption, the Lord has strategically placed each one of us where we are for a reason.

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